About me

Intuitive Empath

Intuitive empaths are highly sensitive people that can sense subtle energies, emotions, and physical symptoms from others and absorb that energy into their own bodies.

Reiki Master Practisioner

After studying nursing school for about 3 years, getting to know alot about ‘healing’ modalities used in modern society, I felt that there should be another way of healing as I was never a fan of taking medicine. (Dont get me wrong, I fully support taking medicines that have been proven to work without harming yourself!)

Reiki healing is a practice from where the practicioner (me) channels Reiki energy to the client (you). This can be done with my hands, or energetically at a distance.

| NOTICE: I will implement Reiki sessions at location later on when I have the resources.|

Tarot readings

Ever since I started doing spiritual practices, contacting spirits has always fascinated me. How did psychics always know exactly what to say, even when I gave them no information?

Now that I have started practicing this myself, I noticed that ‘we’ as the channeler only need to keep our minds clear from thoughs. Spirit will tell you the rest.

Milco Dean van Zanten

Reiki Certificates